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  • Project : Pingtan Sea-Cross Railway-Road Bridge
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  • Date : 13 Feb, 2023
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Project Description

Pingtan Sea-cross Railway-Road Bridge is a part of high-speed railway from Beijing to Taiwan. The total length of the bridge is 11.15km , the length of the steel truss beam is 5682.8m, and the maximum span is 532m. The lower layer is double-line railway and the design speed is 200km/hr. The upper deck is a six-lane highway with a speed of 100km/hr, which is the first highway and railway cross-sea bridge in China.

Engineering Technical Challenges

The bridge site is featured by strong wind, high waves, complicated geology. The construction conditions are very bad. The influence of wave flow force is more than 10 times of inland bridge


The single span weight of 80m span steel truss about 1350t, 88m span about 1450t, use 3600t of floating crane for the full span of steel beam lifting and erection. Moreover, used HL-KATTOR hydraulic cylinders and PLC control system for synchronous control and positioning .

Project Images

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