HL-Kattor.Heavy Duty Integrated Solution Provider

  • Project : Hengqin Bridge No.2, Zhuhai, China
  • Service :
  • Date : 11 Aug, 2023
  • Status :

Project Description

The entire machine has the ability to move forward and anchor while lifting, altering luffing, rotating, and erecting side span straight beams and main span arch beams simultaneously. It also has the ability to walk on the top chord steel truss beam.

Technical Parameters



Jib/column length

33m; 19.5

Capacity of main hook

800kN; Loading: 5.0m/min;no

load: 10m/min

Capacity of auxiliary hook

150kN; 11m/min

The slewing angle and slewing speed

±90°, 0.27r/min

Hosting height

120m (above rail 25m)

Luffing angle/ speed

29°~78; 4.1m/min

Lifting distance


Total weight and power

≤ 410t; 276KW

Max lifting weight in the

position of front fulcrum

Back of node center

2.5m; .≤ 38t

Max reaction of a single front fulcrum

≤ 279t

Project Images

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