Travel lift

Travel lift is a kind of lifting equipment for carrying boats, vessels, and yachts, etc. It is widely used in yacht club and water sports training center for the convenience of maintenance, repair and other work. What’s more, it is widely used for Water Recreation Center, ship repair works, military bases, port terminals and other places of large lifting transport equipment.


Marine travel lift is a device applied to the yacht club, water sports training center, water recreation center and naval units, which is driven by hydraulic power. And when the yacht or ship needs to carry out maintenance, storage and transportation, it is used for lifting and horizontal handling of the boat or yacht into water or out of water.

Lifting a yacht or a boat rapidly and easily is very important, different boats are equipped with different weights and designs according to the boat needs. For example, the carrying vessel is often heavy and huge.

So if you want to upkeep or clean it, you have to transport it on the ground. It is impossible for people themselves to lift it. At this point, you need to have a marine travel lift.

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