Rubber Tyre Gantry

A rubber tire gantry crane is widely used for loading or stacking the goods in dock. Due to the equipment of steering gear device, a rubber typed gantry crane can easily transfer from one block to another. Usually, one material lifting machine can span 6 line railways and reach 5 layer containers, so the rubber tire gantry crane is suitable to the harbor with small area.


Smart features of rubber tire gantry crane
1. GPS global positioning systyem, these system contains several elements such as the receiver, the wireless station, big vehicle encoder, control processor and programmable logic processor, which plays an important role to maintain rubber tire gantry crane flexible, but ensure the reliable of big vehicle walking machine, making the supermatic slots management.
2. The lifting and steering gear devices of rubber tire in a rubber tire gantry crane maximum reduce the abrasion of tire and save spending budget.
3. Using the direct current as a rubber tire gantry crane power creates no black smoke and carbon dioxide, which not only cause zero air pollution, but avoid complicated and stiff condition when adapts the alternating current, as well as greatly save the energy source.
4. A rubber tire gantry crane of HL-Kattor can reach 40% fuel saving ratio by using an advanced energy-saving control system, and making the generator unit works intermittently.

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